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G-Series Generation


Units Produced: 198,414


A decade into the 911’s life and Porsche decided an update was needed and gave the 911 a big makeover. Known as the ‘G-model’ 911 it sold almost 200,000 vehicles and was the longest running 911 series, being produced from 1973 to 1989. In addition to a Coupé and a Targa version, a Cabriolet was also available.

There were meaningful design changes to the 911, most notably a new raised bumper design with black plastic bellows (designed to meet U.S crash test standards). Between the tail lights of the G models is a red panel and a Porsche logo that is red or black, depending on the model year. The rear number plate is flanked by two large rubber buffers with integrated number plate lighting. Inside, the G Series 911 came with added safety features to appease U.S regulators and consumers, including three-point safety belts fitted as standard and seats with integrated headrests.

The base 911 model had a 2.7 liter flat-six engine with 150 hp that increase to 165 hp for model year 1976. The 911 S delivered an output of 175 hp.

The defining 911 of this era came in 1974 and was the original 911 Turbo. The 930 911 Turbo had a 260 hp engine (and the coolest rear spoiler ever). Its advanced 3 liter turbo engine had technology like charge pressure control on the exhaust side (previously available only in race cars) which prevented unwanted excess pressure during partial load or overrun. When charge pressure was needed again during an acceleration phase, the bypass valve closed and the turbine could work to its full capacity in the exhaust stream. With its unique combination of luxury and crazy performance the ‘Turbo’ became a synonym for the Porsche brand. The Turbo got a major update in 1977 when power jumped to 300 hp from a bigger 3.3 liter engine. It was easily the most powerful and high performance car in its class and further grew the 911 legend. 

In 1983, the naturally aspirated 911 Carrera superseded the SC; with a 3.2 liter flat six that had 231 hp but more importantly it was also when the you could order the 911 with no roof. A new love for Porsche emerged amongst the well healed. In terms of special models, the 911 Carrera Speedster was launched in 1989 and had a unique look that paid homage to the 356 speedster of the 50s.

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